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Frequently Asked Questions

What types of rentals are available through the RentalWall?
The RentalWall is a one-stop resource for any kind of home, vacation, or work-living rental. Properties may be listed by length of lease, price range, amenities, location, furnishing status, and more. This allows for a full spectrum of properties to be displayed, and eliminates the need for potential renters to look in more than one place for rental opportunities.

How do I search for a property?
Searching for rental property has never been easier. Just use the filter search tool to identify what you're looking for, and you'll receive a list of available properties that meet those specific criteria. From there, you can review properties to get more information, and once you create an account, you can bookmark deals you're interested in, follow properties you'd like to stay up to date with, and/or start a dialogue with the owner/manager of any given property.

How does Filter Search work?
Our state-of-the-art filter search allows you to search for and find properties that meet your specific needs and interests. Once a search has been initiated, you will receive a roster of properties that are a) available, and b) meet your criteria. This allows you to maximize your leads and get workable results.

How do I sign up?
Creating a RentalWall account is quick and easy. If you're listing properties, just click "Add Your Property" and follow the prompts to get you started. If you're searching for properties, enter your search terms to view the properties that match your needs. If you decide you want to start bookmarking deals, following properties, and/or contacting owners, just click that property's "bookmark," "follow," or "reply" links and follow the steps to create an account.

How do I sign in?
You can sign in by clicking the "Sign In" link on the home page. If you're a property lister you can also click "Add Your Property" for a sign in prompt, or, if you're searching for property, you'll be asked to sign in as soon as you click on a property's bookmark, follow, or reply links.

How do I list a property?
It's simple; just click the "Add Your Property" link at the top of any page and you'll be on your way. Once you're finished, that property will be added to your user profile and available for others to review.

How do I post a deal?
If you've got a great deal that's related to one of your properties, you'll definitely want to let people know about it! To post a deal, find the property you've got a deal for in your "Properties" list on your profile page. Open that property, fill out the details of your deal, and then click "Publish Deal." That deal will then be added to the RentalWall's pool of searchable properties and emailed to anyone who was following that property.

How do I edit a listing?
Changing listing information is easy. First, sign into your account and go to your profile page. Next, look under 'Current Properties' to see a list of the properties you have uploaded. And finally, click the 'edit' button next to the property you need to update, and then click 'complete' when you're finished. After your edits have been saved, anyone following that property will be notified via email.

How do I reply to a post?
When you find a listing that interests you, just click the 'reply to post' link and you'll be able to send an email directly to the owner or manager of that property. Once you reply to a post, the owner or manager of that post will be able to respond back to you.

How will I be notified by the owner/manager in response to my comment/inquiry?
When an owner/manager responds to your message, an email will be sent to your designated email account with a link notifying you that a message is in your RentalWall "Convos" inbox. Just click on the link to view your message, and then respond back accordingly if you so choose.

How do I share a rental deal?
To share a deal with your social networks, just sign in to your account, create a deal for a property, and click on the social media icons you see in that property's display window.

What if I lost my password?
Simply click on the 'forgot your password' link at the bottom of the sign in box. Enter the email address that the RentalWall has on file, and your password will be sent to that address.

What's the difference between adding a property and posting a deal?
Adding a property means you've put a property onto your user profile. This property may or may not be available; it can only be seen by people who visit your profile page and view your properties. Posting a deal means you have a type of deal that relates to a certain property (i.e. dates when a rental is open, a monthly special, etc.). Only when a deal is posted does the property related to that deal get added to the RentalWall's pool of searchable properties (i.e. when a person uses the filter search to look for properties, only properties that have deals attached to them are displayed). Also, when a deal is posted, that deals gets sent to anyone who was following that property. Deals may also be seen on any owner/manager's profile page under the "Deals" tab.

Is there any limit to the number of properties or deals I can post?
Absolutely not. The more deals and properties you have connected to your profile, the more opportunity you will have to promote those properties and find renters.

What is the Follow feature?
This feature allows you to follow properties based on your interests: amenities, prices, locations, etc. If you're following a property, you will be notified every time that property posts a deal. To follow a property, just press the 'Follow This Property' link in its display window. To see what properties you're following, simply click on the properties tab on your profile page.

What are Bookmarks?
With the RentalWall's bookmark tool, you can compare rental deals side by side to see which deal best suits your needs. By having all of your options in front of you, it's easier to act fast and jump on a deal before someone else does! To bookmark a deal, just click on a property's "Bookmark" button. To review and compare all bookmarked deals, just click the "Bookmark" tab on your profile page.

What are Account Keywords?
Account Keywords allow you to tag your account as offering a specific type of rental property feature, location, etc. For example, if you describe your account as "Vacation, Hawaii, Homes" a renter would have additional opportunity to connect with you based on those keywords.

Does it cost anything to use the RentalWall?
The RentalWall is a free one-stop resource available to anyone interested in finding or filling a rental property.

Are commercial properties available to search on the RentalWall?
At this time, the RentalWall is a resource for home, vacation, and work-living rentals only.

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